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Cranes, Hoists, Winches, Monorails and More  

Lifting and Pulling Our Customers Ahead of Their Competitors Since 1912

************Attention Engineers - Our Online Catalog is loaded with dimensional info.************

Custom and Manufactured Products and Services include:

Established Manufacturing and Economic Production of Large, Complex Systems

Stanspec - a division of American Crane and Hoist (AC-H) manufactures ReliableTM Overhead Cranes, Jib Cranes and RightwayTM Hoists, Winches and Car Pullers, brand names recognized for outstanding quality, durability and economy.

The United States Monorail and British Monorail divisions of AC-H specialize in Monorail and Crane Systems. ErectorTM and RailmasterTM Monorails utilize component and custom design for economic production and erection of extremely large, complex systems.


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